Running A Business With Your Spouse

Posted: October 17, 2015 in Real Estate

If you it has always been your dream to run a business but you still want to spend time with your family members, you may want to consider making your spouse your business partner. Being in business with your spouse can have many benefits but also many challenges. If you want your business and your relationship to be successful, these tips can help.

Keep Business Issues and Personal Issues Separate

It can be easy to let your business issues interfere with your personal life and vice versa. It is important to deal with personal issues at home and to keep your business issues at work. When these thing crossover they can cause both the relationship and the business to suffer. This can sometimes be difficult to do, but it is important.

Be Straightforward With Each Other

This is important for any relationship but also important for business relationships as well. Not dealing with problems as they rise and holding things in can just make things worse in the long run. Talk to your spouse and take care of things before they escalate.

Find a Balance Between the Two

Even though you and your spouse may be spending time together at work, it’s not the same as spending quality time together. Don’t skip out on having fun together outside of work and don’t be afraid to spend time apart with friends or other family members either.

Michael Yanko is a real estate developer in New York. He is married and shares his business with his wife. They have found a good balance and have a successful relationship and company.


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