The Merit of Coaching Youth Sports

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Real Estate

Coaching sports is a big responsibility, no matter what sport it is, or what the ages of the players is. Coaches have a lot more responsibility than getting their teams through practice sessions and managing them through their games. Good coaches are going to be inspiring role models for their players, especially young children. They should be able to communicate with the kids and their parents, with their assistant coaches, and provide their players with a safe environment. Those are just some of the baseline duties. Michael Yanko is a real estate development professional in New York who has coached soccer and basketball for ten years. He knows what kind of dedication it takes.

It’s important for young children to have an understanding of physical fitness, so that they are able to play sports at their best and at their safest. If they have a low athletic ability, learning about fitness can help them gain more. At that age, getting fit and healthy should be fun, and good coaches know that they can incorporate games into their training to help the kids develop fitness habits that will last for a lifetime. Sports are a great way of getting previously unfit kits, to a better fitness level.

Any sport contains an element of risk, and the possibility of injury. It is up to the coach to make sure that fields and playing surfaces are safe, and that the necessary equipment is available and in good working order. With children this is particularly a big deal as they are usually new to the game and are still learning. Players and their parents need to know that they are learning safe techniques, and also that should one of them get hurt there is a plan so that they will receive whatever attention is necessary. Every player on a team is an individual, and the actions of their coaches are going to influence them in one way or another. Coaches can instill values like caring, honesty, respect, and taking responsibility by demonstrating those traits themselves.


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